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The Fort Riley Middle School Physical Education courses use live heart rate monitoring technology within our program. We use the Polar GoFit app along with Bluetooth heart rate sensors to monitor exercise intensity during lessons.

Polar GoFit allows teachers to see how hard your students are exercising during PE lessons. It enables us to view and measure your students’ performance and to evaluate them based on their own effort. And because the GoFit app measures live heart rate information, every student in the class can be guided to work at the proper level for them.

During a class each student wears a Polar H7 heart rate sensor, allowing teachers to follow their heart rate live on a tablet. We can teach the whole class and at the same time guide each student personally. We use your students’ name, gender and date of birth to personalize the exercise zones. The GoFit app teaches your student to exercise safely and stay within set target heart rate zones to achieve, as well as Strength and Conditioning courses, benefits. Students find this system highly motivating.

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