Team 8 Blue 5/21-25


8th grade recogniton

thursday, may 24th, 1pm

frms auditorium

Recognition will end with an all school clap out.

looking ahead

The weekly Agenda is a projection of what will be accomplished in every class but could be subject to change depending on the needs of the students.

American History (Engel) –

Monday: End of Year Survey/Reflection
Tuesday: Having Worlds of Fun at Worlds of Fun!
Wednesday: Demonstrating athletic and strategic excellence at 8th grade relays.
Thursday: Yearbooks, Crying, and Promotion.
Friday: SUMMER!

English (Mr. Banks)-Math (Ms. Elliott)-

Students will continue presenting their final projects. All missing work is due no later than Monday.

Co-taught Math (Ms. Chou/Mrs. Story) –

Students will continue presenting their final projects. All missing work is due no later than Monday.

Foundational Math (Mrs. Story)

Algebra (Ms. Waugh) –

Science (Mrs. Miller/Mrs. Goodson) –

Monday: HIV/Aids

Tuesday: Organizational Activities and reading strategies

Wednesday: Creating Team Horses and Signage

Thursday: Recognition day

Friday: Your summer begins! Make good choices!

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8th grade relay

On Wednesday May 23rd, the 8th grade students will be participating in the 8th Grade Relays. If students want to participate, they will sign up with three to four other students to compete. Different relays will require students to do a variety of activities including but not limited to running, walking, galloping, jumping over very short (under 1 foot) “hurdles”, jumping in a potato sack, and the three legged race. If you have any questions, please let one of the core teachers know.

Thank You

8th Grade Teachers


Fight summer math loss!

Worlds of Fun Trip – May 22nd

8th grade Relay Day May 23rd

8th Grade Recognition – Afternoon of May 24th 1:00pm – families are invited!

Last Day of School – May 24th

determination pride award winners.

Grayson P.

Nora H.

Mya T.

Shian R.

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general team reminders

Students should not be bringing slime to school. Students should also not have rubix cubes in the classrooms.Students may have a healthy snack 2nd or 3rd hour. This does not include candy or chips. And needs to be individual in size.

Candy should not be eaten in the classroom unless given to by an adult. Mints are included in this.

Starter expectations for all core classes are the same. Students are to come into the classroom, sit in their assigned seat, and complete the starter activity at a level 0.

Students were given a morning pass for before school help, it is on a lavender card.

Please help remind students to bring their materials to school.

Students need to replace school supplies through the year as they are used up. We have nearly gone through our supply of pencils and highlighters for them to borrow.

box tops for education!

Don’t forget to send in your box tops! Mrs. Miller has sheets for the students to tape 10 box tops on and turn in. If you send your box tops in, we will get them on the sheets for you!


Follow the School’s hashtag – #FRMSTroopersThe teams hashtag – #8BlueCrew

The grades hashtag -#8isGreat