We the People

Students Sitting in Stadium Seating

The ”We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution Program” promotes civic competence and responsibility among the nation’s upper elementary and secondary students. Fort Riley Middle School participated in a “We the People” Competition at Kansas State University, promoting civic mindedness, American history, the function of government, and knowledge of the constitution. The program is also offered at the high school level.

I liked getting to research everything. Learning how to speak professionally to an audience was a great experience. It was cool to travel to K-State for the state competition. I would compete again! – Mark Pauoustovski

First, the students read units needed for the essays. Then they marked text, labeling what could possibly be used to complete the essay. After that they conversed within groups about what would best be used to answer the questions posed. Then they were each given a part of the essay to do based on what they had read. They typed out rough drafts, reviewing it many times to fit within a four minute time frame while giving enough information.

While I was doing the competition I learned I was not as nervous as I thought I was in front of a group of people I did not know. I think doing the We the People program and going to the competition gave em the confidence to become a better speaker. I found that if you stick around long enough, you may find out you may like something you would have never guessed you would ever like doing and maybe doing that something may give you the confidence you had trouble finding with other subjects.- Natalie Bruyette

Fort Riley Middle School performed well and was awarded third place at the State of Kansas Championship and received the Award of Distinction for their Unit one essay and presentation.

Article provided by students at Fort Riley Middle School: Natalie Bruyette, Madelyn Peterson, Gage Allen, Mark Paoustovski, and Elle McPeake

Photos provided by Helen Pugh, Social Studies Teacher Fort Riley Middle School