Team 7 Blue Newsletter 3/12-3/14


student led conferences

Students Led Conferences are March 12-14. You and your student will meet with your student’s Trooper Time teacher to discuss their progress this year.You should have received some form to sign up for a conference time from your student’s TT teacher. The Core Team (McNally, Nelson, Seymour, Thrasher, and Wolf) have sent links to Sign Up Genius. Please use these links to sign up for a time to meet. Check your junk mail folders!

Coughlin, Schafer, and Micheel have sent home conference sign ups as well. Those may have been paper copies or Sign Up Genius Links as well.

the giver permission

Please sign using this link to give your student permission to view The Giver film. We will be comparing and contrasting the book and the movie and how they are represented.


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Ms. Seymour: @misskseymour7

Mrs. Nelson: @tinanelson475

Ms. McNally: @msmcnally7

Follow the School’s hashtag – #FRMSTroopers

emails to teachers

Just a FYI – messages sent on Skyward are not readily seen by teachers. We value contact with families, and it is never our wish to ignore any message from anyone.If you need to contact us, please use our emails (link below). We access our email daily and will see those messages must faster than ones sent via Skyward. If you are emailing from your phone, our SPAM sensors often tag your email as junk. If you do not receive a response from us, know that we are not ignoring your contact, your message may just be in our junk folder.


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unit essay

Just a reminder that the Unit 3 Essay for Language Arts is due MONDAY. Students who do not have their essay turned in will not be able to participate in the Escape Room or view the movie until it is complete.

language arts

Monday: Escape Room *Essay Due*

Tuesday: Movie

Wednesday: Movie

Thursday: Spring Break!

Friday: Spring Break!

Important Dates:

March 5 – Begin Unit Essay

March 12 – Escape Room/Essay Due

March 13-14 – The Giver Movie comparison

Please use this link to sign an online permission slip for viewing The Giver film if you have not already done so.

Unit Info

As we leave for Spring Break we have now finished The Giver and are now go to start moving into our fourth unit, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. We will be reading the graphic novel adaptation of this text, which omits controversial language while still keeping the overlying theme and message of the story.

We will begin by exploring what a perfect society might look like as a way to bridge the gap between The Giver and Huck Finn. Then, we will do a series of explorations of the time period surrounding slavery.


Monday: Review for Unit TestTuesday: Unit Test

Wednesday: Unit Test

Thursday: Spring Break!

Friday: Spring Break!

Important Dates:

5th hour math (co-taught)

Monday: Finish TestTuesday: Writing and Graphing Equations

Wednesday: Writing and Graphing Equations

Thursday: Spring Break!

Friday: Spring Break!

Important Dates:


The Save the Penguins Project is a group activity where the students will learn about conduction, radiation, and convection. They will construct “igloos” to protect their penguin from the sun’s rays.

Monday: Save the Penguins Project

Tuesday: Save the Penguins Project

Wednesday: Save the Penguins Project

Thursday: Spring Break!

Friday: Spring Break!

Important Dates:

world geography

Monday: Monotheism Traditions Comparison ChartTuesday: Study Guide/Quiz

Wednesday: Monotheism Quiz

Thursday: Spring Break!

Friday: Spring Break!

Important Dates:

school-wide information


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Online Classwork: Schoology

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