Team 7 Blue Newsletter

Team 7 Blue Newsletter 2/26-3/2

Parent – Teacher Communication

End of the Grading Period

Please note that the end of the 4th 6 Weeks is Friday, February 16. Assignments turned in after that date may not be accepted for credit.Students may complete assignments in the 20% category (homework/classwork) up to one week late. These assignments will have 10% deducted from the total grade as a penalty.


Follow the Team 7 Blue Instagram: team7blueSeveral of the Team Teachers also have school Twitter accounts:

Ms. Seymour: @misskseymour7

Mrs. Nelson: @tinanelson475

Ms. McNally: @msmcnally7

Follow the School’s hashtag – #FRMSTroopers

Emails to Teachers

Just a FYI – messages sent on Skyward are not readily seen by teachers. We value contact with families, and it is never our wish to ignore any message from anyone.If you need to contact us, please use our emails (link below). We access our email daily and will see those messages must faster than ones sent via Skyward. If you are emailing from your phone, our SPAM sensors often tag your email as junk. If you do not receive a response from us, know that we are not ignoring your contact, your message may just be in our junk folder.

Team & School Contact Information

Click the text above to view team and school contact information.

Language Arts

Monday: Chapters 20-21 Quiz, Solo Read Chapters 22-23

Tuesday: Solo Read Chapters 22-23

Wednesday: Chapters 22-23 Quiz, Mandala Project

Thursday: Mandala Project

Friday: Essay Prep *Mandala Due*

Important Dates:

February 26 – Chapter 20-21 Quiz

February 28 – Chapter 22-23 Quiz

March 2 – Mandala Project Due

March 5 – Begin Unit Essay

Please use this link to sign an online permission slip for viewing The Giver film.

Unit Info

For Unit 3, we will be reading The Giver, by Lois Lowry. This unit we will be seeking to answer: how does the freedom of choice affect the quality of one’s life? We will be discussing how freedoms being limited or unlimited makes life better or worse.

This unit should be completed before leaving for Spring Break in March.


Monday: Solving EquationsTuesday: Solving Equations

Wednesday: Solving Equations

Thursday: MSA 3.1

Friday: MSA 3.2

Important Dates:

5th Hour Math (Co-Taught)

Monday: MSA Check UpTuesday: Investigation 2

Wednesday: Investigation 2

Thursday: Investigation 2

Friday: Investigation 2

Important Dates:


We have transitioned to self-paced for this unit. Students are responsible for moving through the curriculum at their own pace, but should have the quizzes done by certain dates.

Quizzes are open for taking when students are ready. If quizzes are not completed by the date of the unit test they will receive a 50% F.

Monday: Chapter 4, Lesson 1

Tuesday: Chapter 4, Lesson 1

Wednesday: Chapter 4, Lesson 1

Thursday: Chapter 4, Lesson 2

Friday: Chapter 4, Lesson 2

Important Dates:

World Geography

Monday: Judaism DocumentaryTuesday: Jewish Holiday Jigaw/Fakebook *homework if not finished*

Wednesday: Christianity Notes

Thursday: Christianity Storyboard *homework if not finished*

Friday: Christianity Types Comparison Chart *homework if not finished*

Important Dates:

School-wide Information

FRMS Grading Policy Overview

Click the text above to view a snapshot of our school grading policy.

Common Websites and Log-ins

Math: DashUsername: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])

Password: FrmsID# (ex. frms12345)

Science: Pearson

Username: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])

Password: FrmsID# (ex. frms12345)

Social Studies: Discovery Education

Username: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])

Password: FrmsID# (ex. frms12345)

Gradebook: Skyward

Username: firstlast

Password: FrmsID# (ex. frms12345)

Online Classwork: Schoology

Username and Password are the same as computer log-in


Username: email address (ex. [email protected])

Password: same as computer password

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