Team 7 Red 2/12 – 2/16

Team 7 Red 2/12 – 2/16

Parent – Teacher Communication

Pie in face

Pie In The FACE Contest

Students have the opportunity to vote for a teacher to get a “Pie In The FACE!” Each vote cost $1.00 and all the money raised goes to Pennies for Patients!


Please remind your students to have their ear buds at school every day!

Weekly Class Updates

Please remind your students to bring ear buds to school. Everyday they are working on computers and may need to watch a video or listen to a book.

World Geography

Unit 6 – Art

– began this week

– Google Doodle Projects are due on February, 16 – grading rubric in Unit 6 folder on Schoology

– Link to Google Doodle Competition (students do not have to compete in the competition but must complete a Google Doodle for my class. It will be project grade in the 80% category)

Language Arts:

We are continuing to read The Giver and focus on the struggles and failures that come with the freedom of choice and how it affects the quality of one’s life. The following are our activities for the upcoming week:

Monday: No school

Tuesday: Read aloud chapters 15-17

Wednesday: Read aloud chapters 15-17 Discuss: Is ignorance bliss?

Thursday: Read aloud chapters 18-19

Friday: Read aloud chapters 18-19 Activity: Philosophical Chairs

Foundational Language Arts:

Students will begin a novel study of Eleanor Coerr’s, Sadko and the Thousand Paper Cranes.

  • Chapters 1-3
  • Japan Culture: language and religion
  • Plot development: Exposition and Rising Action
  • Describe characters, compare and contrast characters
  • Vocabulary development
  • Setting
  • Comprehension questions

Math –

Moving Straight Ahead

Feb. 9

1.3-Day 2

P 18 (#6-8)

Feb. 13 –

Skill Check 1.1 due


Linear Worksheet

Feb. 14

Check-Up 1


Feb. 15

Check-Up 1 Corrections


Feb. 16


P 38 (#1,33)

Math Reminders:

-It is important for students to practice their newly learned math skills by completing the homework assignments. When they spend time thinking about these concepts, it boosts their learning! The answer keys are posted in Schoology, so students may check their work.

-Morning Math Sessions are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students have an orange pass that will allow them to come up at 7:25.

*In this unit, we will be studying linear relationships. Please see the Family Letter below for more information.

Science: Force and Motion

uGet your book out and continue working on Schoology

2.1 Complete 2 Feb

2.2 Complete 6 Feb

2.3 Complete 9 Feb

2.4 Complete 14 Feb

2.5 Complete 16 Feb

Chapter Test 20 Feb

Reminder: all assignments can be found in Schoology.


Thank you for all the support you give to your students to help them flourish in middle school!


Team 7 Red

Big picture

********School Wide Information*********

Kay Club Poster
Pennies for Patients
Hero Squad
7th grade basketball players
Team & School Contact Information

Click the text above to your team and school contact information.

Starting and Ending the Day at FRMS

School Day Hours: 7: 50 am – 2:50 pmParent drop-off and pick-up will be located on the NORTH entrance to the building. Students who walk to school will use this entrance as well. Students will be allowed into the building at 7:25 am.

Bus drop-off and pick-up is located on the SOUTH side of the building.

If you have questions regarding busing availability or requests, please stop in at the FRMS main office or call (785) – 717-4500 with questions.

Elective Courses

7th grade students will enroll in elective courses to learn about a variety of subject areas they may want to pursue as they continue their education through middle and high school. During the 7th grade school year, these courses are either semester or year long courses. Students will have two elective class periods per day. More “course info.” for these classes will be shared with individual teachers. Elective course options listed below.Elective Courses:

  • Art
  • AVID
  • JAG
  • Everyday Teen Skills
  • Computers
  • Spanish
  • Academic Readiness
  • Math Strategies
  • STEM
  • Robotics
  • Orchestra
  • Band
  • Choir/Guitars
  • Physical Education (P.E.)
  • Strength & Conditioning
FRMS Grading Policy Overview

Click the text above to view a snapshot of our school grading policy.

Additional Course Descriptions

Trooper Time: Trooper Time is a 30 minute class all students will have on Friday mornings. It is basically a student’s “homeroom”. Classes are typically smaller, between 12-15 students, which allows teachers to connect with students on a more personal level. In Trooper Time, students will participate in our anti-bullying program. This is also where they will plan for conferences. When you come for Student-Led Conferences in October and March, it is your student’s Trooper Time teacher who will meet with you first. If you have any questions about anything going on a school, or are not sure which teacher to contact, your student’s Trooper Time teacher is a great person with whom to communicate.Academic Strategies: Academic Strategies is a regular 54 minute class students will have everyday. On Fridays, students will have time to check their grades online and email you, their parents, with an update on grades and any missing work. On Fridays, students will also learn skills such as organization and spend time learning about and practicing our Trooper PRIDE values.

Beginning a few weeks into the school year, students will be placed into a Monday – Thursday Academic Strategies class based on their academic needs. Students will receive extra practice in math, reading or writing, or be challenged through extension classes. These placements are based on testing done at the beginning of the year, as well as studnet performance from the previous year. You will receive more information about these placements during October conferences.

Common Websites and Log-ins

Math: DashUsername: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])

Password: FrmsID# (ex. Frms12345)

Science: Pearson

Username: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])

Password: FrmsID# (ex. Frms12345)

Social Studies: Discovery Education

Username: [email protected] (ex. [email protected])

Password: FrmsID# (ex. Frms12345)

Gradebook: Skyward

Username: firstlast

Password: birthday: mmddyyyy (ex. 12262004)

Online Classwork: Schoology

Username and Password are the same as computer log-in


Username: email address (ex. [email protected])

Password: same as computer password

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