TEAM 8 BLUE NEWSLETTER 2/5/18 – 2/9/18

Team 8 Blue 2/5-2/9

Parent Teacher Communication

Image with Thank You in Many Languages

For your amazing donations to the food drive! Our team brought in the most food!


Clorox Wipes and Kleenex – we are getting into flu/cold/allergy/tummy bug season and are quickly running out of these items; but would like to continue helping your kid stay healthy!Thank you for those who have sent some in!

When You Smile The Whole World Stops and Stares for a While

We the people competition Feb. 6th! GOOD LUCK!

Looking Ahead

The weekly Agenda is a projection of what will be accomplished in every class but could be subject to change depending on the needs of the students.

American History (Mr. Engel) –

Next week we will be learning about sectionalism in American prior to the Civil War. We will look at the Kansas-Nebraska Act, the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850 and look at how they played a role in our nation heading to Civil War. We will have a One-Pager assessment on Friday. This will be completed in class.

Quiz corrections can be made for their Abolition Quiz next Wednesday during lunch.

English (Mr. Banks)-Writing Essay and completion To Kill A Mockingbird Activities

Math (Ms. Elliott)-

Math: Rules of Exponents (Multiplying, Dividing, Power to Power, Raised to a Power of Zero, and Negative Exponents).

Co-taught Math (Ms. Chou/Mrs. Story) –

Math: Rules of Exponents (Multiplying, Dividing, Power to Power, Raised to a Power of Zero, and Negative Exponents).

Foundational Math (Mrs. Story)-

Monday/Tuesday – Graphing Functions

Wednesday – Review of Functions

Thursday – Functions Quiz

Friday – Introduce Stations

Algebra (Ms. Waugh) –

Students will investigate exponential functions, including the behavior of graphs, ways to represent exponential functions, and exponential growth and decay.

Science (Mrs. Miller/Mrs. Goodson) –

Monday: 2 Voice Poem – Presentation in auditorium.

Tuesday: Fermentation activities

Wednesday: Cellular Respiration/Photosynthesis Puzzle Activity

Thursday/Friday – Leaf disk lab

Chapter Test Feb. 14th

Pennies for Patients

Team Goal: $400.00Each dollar you bring in to donate is equal to a vote for a teacher to be pied in the face. The teacher with the most votes will be pied in the face by a student who voted for them! Help us support this amazing cause!

Every Hero Needs a Squad
Pasta For Patients Flyer
Pennies for Patients Flyer



LLS invested $40.3 million in research in fiscal year 2017 to advance life-saving research.

Patient Access

LLS is the leading source of free, highly specialized blood cancer information, education and support for patients, survivors, families and healthcare professionals. We touch patients in their communities through our chapters across the U.S. and Canada. We advocate for blood cancer survivors and their families, helping patients navigate their cancer treatments and ensuring they have access to quality, affordable and coordinated care.

Policy and Advocacy

LLS recognizes that finding cures is not enough; we need to ensure that patients have access to the treatments, services and providers they need to live longer, better, healthier lives. LLS is dedicated to removing barriers to care. By providing our network of advocates a powerful voice, the Policy and Advocacy Team drives policies that accelerate the development and approval of innovative treatments and ensure that patients have sustainable access to quality, affordable coordinated care. Our team is committed to ensuring that patients have access to adequate network of providers and services and are protected from high out-of-pocket costs that limit access to life-saving treatments

General Team Reminders

Students should not be bringing slime to school.Students may have a healthy snack 2nd or 3rd hour. This does not include candy or chips. And needs to be individual in size.

Candy should not be eaten in the classroom unless given to by an adult. Mints are included in this.

Starter expectations for all core classes are the same. Students are to come into the classroom, sit in their assigned seat, and complete the starter activity at a level 0.

Students were given a morning pass for before school help, it is on a lavender card.

Please help remind students to bring their materials to school.

Upcoming Events!

February 15 – Open House (3:20 – 6:00 pm)

Any science fair projects need to be completed by February 9.

No School Feb. 12th

Open House Feb. 15th 3:20-6:00pm

End of 4th Six Weeks Feb. 16

Conferences March 12-14th

No School March 15-23 (Conference Make-up and Spring Break)

Science State Assessments: March 27-29

NO School March 30 and April 2nd, Easter Break

Social Studies State Assessments: April 4-6

English Language Arts State Assessments: April 10-13

Math State Assessments: April 17-20

Excellence PRIDE award winners

Kevion N.

Joem T.

Carlos R.

Maddie H.

Mya T.

Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do. Shaquille ONeal

Next week’s PRIDE award will focus on Positivity

Please remember

Students need to replace school supplies through the year as they are used up. We have nearly gone through our supply of pencils and highlighters for them to borrow.

Box Tops For Education!

Don’t forget to send in your box tops! Mrs. Miller has sheets for the students to tape 10 box tops on and turn in. If you send your box tops in, we will get them on the sheets for you!

John Brown: Hero or Criminal – You decide!

Two Students in Hall Writing on Paper
Student Writing in Notebook in Hallway
Student with Pen up to Her Lips

Essay Brainstorm!

Exploring Volume

Investigation Which of the cylinder will hold more cereal, or will they hold the same amount? Predict the correct solution and support your answer.
Students Standing in Front of Class
Teacher pouring cereal into container
Teacher staring at Container full of Cereal

Choose your own adventure – Underground Railroad

UGRR Short Story On a word document write a story 2-3 paragraphs long starting with "The sound of dogs barking grew louder. I looked around me then..."
Students sitting in desks by one another reading off of papers

Finished Cell Models

Model of Cell
Model of Cell
Model of Cell out of Play Doh and Paper
Model of Cell

New Robots! Ozbots

Student sitting at desk looking at markers


Follow the School’s hashtag – #FRMSTroopersThe teams hashtag – #8BlueCrew

The grades hashtag -#8isGreat


Veteran’s Day Assembly photos and Videos, Science Experiment, and PRIDE award

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