Team 8 Blue 1/22-1/26

Parent Teacher Communication


Clorox Wipes and Kleenex – we are getting into flu/cold/allergy/tummy bug season and are quickly running out of these items; but would like to continue helping your kid stay healthy!

Looking Ahead

The weekly Agenda is a projection of what will be accomplished in every class but could be subject to change depending on the needs of the students.

American History (Mr. Engel) –

Next week will be a busy.

Monday: We will have an introduction to the top leaders of the abolitionist movement.
Tuesday: We will debate the merits of each abolitionists views on how to best free the slaves.
Wednesday: An introduction and overview of the Underground Railroad (UGRR).
Thursday: The students will read a choose your own adventure for the UGRR and write a short story of an escape to freedom.
Friday: We will learn about resistance to slavery by slaves and analyze the Nat Turner slave rebellion.

English (Mr. Banks)-Chapter 24 homework due Monday.

Next week we will read chapters 25 through the end of To Kill A Mockingbird. There will be a writing quiz over each of the following: transitions, addressing the opposition, and elaboration. If students need help preparing for these quizzes they can come in before or after school.

Math (Ms. Elliott)-

Math: Solving Linear Equations. Quiz on Wednesday January 24. Study Guide was handed out Friday January 19th. Volume on Thursday and Friday.

Co-taught Math (Ms. Chou/Mrs. Story) –

Foundational Math (Mrs. Story)-

Monday – Notes/examples about Functions

Tuesday – Testing a relation using the Vertical Line Test

Wednesday – Putting Functions into a T-Chart

Thursday – Practice with Functions

Friday – Quiz

Algebra (Ms. Waugh) –

Science (Mrs. Miller/Mrs. Goodson) –

Over the weekend 19-21st: Read/Highlight/Answer questions pages 12-19 of textbook.

Monday: Build Cell Models – Students should bring craft items or items that can be recycled into a project (yarn, cardboard, glitter, beads, etc. to build their models).

Tuesday: Present Cell Models – PROJECT GRADE

Wednesday: Cellular Organization Activity

Thursday: Review for chapter test

Friday: Chapter test

Wheels of HOPE Food Bank

Monday, Jan. 22nd, 1pm to Friday, Jan. 26th, 3pm

Mrs. Elliott’s Room

Between January 22 and Jan 26 students and staff are asked to bring in ONE non-perishable food item (s) to collect at least 100 food items per team as a way to celebrate the 100th day of school. Students need to bring in the food item to their TEAM math teacher (Mrs. Elliott).Rewards will be given to the TEAM’s with 100% particpation (includes teachers on the team as well). and the RED or BLUE Team per GRADE level with the highest average of food items per student on the TEAM!

Kansas Day: January 29th – Wear your FAVORITE KANSAS Team gear! (Yes, Kathryn you can wear KU)

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General Team Reminders

Students should not be bringing slime to school.Students may have a healthy snack 2nd or 3rd hour. This does not include candy or chips. And needs to be individual in size.

Candy should not be eaten in the classroom unless given to by an adult. Mints are included in this.

Starter expectations for all core classes are the same. Students are to come into the classroom, sit in their assigned seat, and complete the starter activity at a level 0.

Students were given a morning pass for before school help, it is on a lavender card.

Please help remind students to bring their materials to school.

Upcoming Events!

3rd 6-weeks Incentive:

Wednesday January 24 –

Permission slips will be given to students who qualify – DUE MONDAY WITH MONEY – Please read the permission slip carefully to see how much money to give. *IMPORTANT*

February 15 – Open House (3:20 – 6:00 pm)

Any science fair projects need to be completed by February 9.

No School Feb. 12th

Open House Feb. 15th 3:20-6:00pm

End of 4th Six Weeks Feb. 16

Conferences March 12-14th

No School March 15-23 (Conference Make-up and Spring Break)

Science State Assessments: March 27-29

NO School March 30 and April 2nd, Easter Break

Social Studies State Assessments: April 4-6

English Language Arts State Assessments: April 10-13

Math State Assessments: April 17-20

Integrity PRIDE award winners

Brekanye S.

Reagan G.

Kevan H.

Merari P.

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